Kharadi: A large commercial project

In a country of one million people, many live in makeshift camps with no running water, few basic infrastructure and the occasional truck stop, the Kharadikha Dam is a remarkable and unique example of how a single mega-project can change the face of a country.

The project is the first major commercial project in India that was built under the new Water Resources Development Corporation (WRDC), a state-owned body set up by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to develop and manage water resources in the country.

The project has been hailed as one of the most significant in the history of the country, and has attracted many international investment, but the political and environmental challenges it has faced are not a new one for India.

In 2015, the country was facing a massive drought, and the government had to build three dams to keep the water level in the state in check.

The first of these dams was constructed in 2008 to supply water to the city of Gaya.

This was followed by the second, the Indus River Dam, and finally, the last, the Great Keshava Dam in 2013.

While the state has benefited from the dams, a huge portion of the land in the region has been lost due to construction, with the majority of the water in the Keshavasand being lost due the massive construction of the Indahandras Project.

In order to cope with this, the state government has launched a project called the Kherangal Project, to develop a water storage basin that would take the surplus water from the Indahs reservoirs and use it to supply the state with water.

The new project will take the existing reservoirs and add a new, more compact reservoir, which would provide a massive storage capacity for the state.

This would allow for a huge increase in the reservoir capacity, which is needed to meet the demands of the drought, especially in the drought-prone region of Uttar Pradesh.

In the last two years, the project has received many accolades, and its completion has been widely hailed as a great success.

The projects infrastructure has also been praised, and many people, both in the capital, New Delhi, and in neighbouring states, have come out to celebrate the achievement.

The Kherangs project has become an example of a multi-faceted infrastructure project in which India has invested so much money, and with so little success, and while the state is expected to benefit from the project, the political realities of the project are going to have a large bearing on the project’s success.

In addition to the massive amounts of money that the state of Uttar

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