Which are the most successful marketing campaigns?

If you’re looking for the most popular commercial projects from 2018, this is the place to look.

Here, the creators of the #1 commercial of the year make a case for the value of your brand and the importance of being transparent about your business.1.

A $30,000 investment by a tech company2.

A brand with 2 million Twitter followers3.

A “real” ad that can be displayed on your website without Google’s crawler4.

An ad that will appear on your homepage with an icon with your company logo5.

A video ad that costs nothing6.

A product with 3,000 reviews7.

An infographic that is rated 4.8 stars8.

A commercial on the “The Oprah Winfrey Show”9.

A mobile app that has over 2 million downloads10.

A successful product from an unknown startup11.

A digital advertising campaign that costs $500 to $1,000 a week12.

An advertisement on your home screen for $5 or less per month13.

A campaign on the cover of the New York Times that costs over $1 million a week14.

An online campaign that will reach 5 million people15.

A viral video campaign that is watched by 5 million users16.

A media campaign that reaches 5 million media users17.

An e-commerce campaign that has more than 5 million transactions18.

A paid ad for your company that can generate $200,000 in revenue20.

An offline video ad for $50 per month21.

An interactive ad on your Facebook page that reaches more than 10 million people22.

An animated ad on YouTube that has 2.5 million views23.

A Facebook page ad that has reached 3 million people24.

An email marketing campaign that can reach more than 40 million people25.

A sponsored campaign that generates $2,000 per month26.

An Instagram video that has 25 million views27.

A banner ad on an elevator billboard that has made $1.5m in sales28.

An on-demand ad that reaches 1.2 million people29.

An in-app ad that generates 1 million users30.

A free trial that has generated more than $100,000 of sales.

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