Why are they doing the commercial renovation on my school?

By now you know that the school board of the University of Maryland has approved a $1.5 billion, 30-year contract with a private developer to build a new football stadium.

But the university and the developer aren’t quite done.

A few weeks ago, the university released a detailed proposal that calls for a $2 billion renovation, and the company behind it, Darden, is already asking for $1 billion more.

Here’s what you need to know about that.

Why are they planning a $3 billion renovation?

Darden’s proposal would spend about $1,000 per student per year on amenities, including a new gymnasium, new cafeteria, new football fields, new field-level seating, and a new concourse.

The school would also need to renovate the existing campus in order to do the work.

The University of Baltimore is planning to spend $1 million per student on amenities and to renovating the campus.

In other words, the project will cost more than what the school has already spent.

The university has already committed to spending $3.2 billion over 20 years on its stadium project.

This figure does not include the cost of the new field that is being built on campus, which is $2.6 billion.

But the school is still looking for $2 million more to build the stadium.

The new project could cost as much as $3 million more than the stadium already is.

This is where the university’s proposal for the new stadium gets tricky.

Darden, a major sports team owner, is asking for about $2,400 per student for a stadium that would seat 2,000.

If the school spends more, it can increase the amount it spends to $2.,500.

But if the school doesn’t spend more, its asking for a reduction in the amount that it spends.

So if the university spends less, it would ask for a more generous amount.

If the university does not spend more than it is asking, Dardans proposal could result in a $400 million renovation.

If it does, its still asking for less.

The school is asking $2million for a new stadium, but Darden could also ask for more.

If Darden does not build a stadium on campus and if the team loses, it may ask for an additional $400,000 for the work done.

In this scenario, the school would lose $400 for the stadium construction, and it could also lose a portion of its existing revenue from the $2billion renovation.

But that would not hurt the school in the long run.

In fact, DARDANS proposal could lead to a significant decrease in the cost.

In the end, the board will determine if the cost will be justified by the project.

If it loses, the new project would still be funded by the stadium project and could still be built, although it would likely cost more.

However, the fact that the new construction is being done in an area where a loss would be a real problem does not mean that Darden will not make up for the loss with more.

So even though the school loses money on the renovation, DARTANS proposal would help the school stay afloat in the future.

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