Commercial move project could cost up to $1.5B to build in Toronto

Construction is expected to begin this year on a $1 billion commercial move to Toronto from Montreal, with the province also contributing the majority of the cost of the project.

The project, to be developed by B.C.-based firm Urban Moving Systems, would move about 4,000 tonnes of freight from Port Moody to the port, where it will be shipped by truck and rail.

A second phase is expected in 2018.

The province is expected eventually to contribute $1 million to the project, with about half coming from B.N.T. Infrastructure Canada, while the other half from the province’s Natural Resources Conservation Board, said Ontario’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure.

A new, larger truck and a new trailer are needed for the project to move cargo, said Chris Brown, director of the Port Moody Port Improvement District.

It’s a very complex project, and I think people have got to be very mindful of that. “

There’s a lot of things that need to be done.

“We are very grateful to have B.D.N.,” said Port Moody Mayor Michael Hickey. “

We’re just going to see how this project evolves, but I’m not sure that’s something that’s going to come out of the provincial budget, so I think it’s important to keep people in the loop.”

“We are very grateful to have B.D.N.,” said Port Moody Mayor Michael Hickey.

“They have been very proactive in working with us to develop a plan for the move, to build the rail line, and to provide all the necessary infrastructure.”

The city is also building a new dock that will allow the rail to dock at the Port of Montreal and also a new cargo loading facility to handle cargo.

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