Dubai-based commercial project videos dominate YouTube

Dubai-listed commercial projects beat the likes of Google and Facebook to become the second most popular YouTube channel of the year, with more than 9 million subscribers, according to a new study.

Dubai-based YouTube channel Commercial Projects beat Google and Instagram to become second most-popular YouTube channel in January, according a new report from YouTube.

The video platform has been rolling out new features and a new video format to boost video viewership, but the channel has continued to gain traction on the platform, the study says.

Dubayati-based Commercial Projects video garnered 9.4 million subscribers in January and is followed by YouTube channel The Great Western Tour (5.4 mil), YouTube channel My Favorite People (4.7 mil), and Commercial Projects in Dubai (4 mil).

Commercial Projects videos have been seen by more than 1.7 billion people and reach more than one billion views a month, according the study.

While Google and Twitter dominate YouTube in terms of viewers and views, Commercial Projects is the top-rated channel in the country with more views and views per video.

Commercial Projects’ video has seen more than half a million views since launching in June, according YouTube.

Commercial projects has become a top-five YouTube channel, ahead of more popular brands such as Pepsi and Burger King.

Commercial Projects is also viewed by more people than any other YouTube channel.

The channel is watched by 2.6 million more people on average than other YouTube channels, according To The Stars, a data analytics firm.

YouTube has been focusing on making its platform more popular with more video creators, according James O’Connor, senior vice president of YouTube’s commercial products and services.

The company has added a number of new features to its platform, including a new “viral video” feature that allows creators to upload videos to YouTube that will be viewed by users who have a specific interest in that video.

The addition of these features have also been met with some backlash.

YouTube’s newest YouTube vlogger, The Great West Tour, received a negative response when the channel was released in June.

YouTube removed The Great and Good Tour from the channel in June and later added it back, although The Great is still available on the channel.

The Great West Tours vlog was one of the first videos to get a new viral video feature, and the channel quickly received more than 3 million views in the first week of its re-launch.

YouTube recently rolled out new video features to increase video viewership.

In December, YouTube rolled out a video format called a Vlogger that allowed users to upload vlogs.

YouTube said that the new format would help creators get more views.

YouTube said that it had rolled out “the most comprehensive video format yet,” which includes new features like “vlogger” videos that show how to create your own videos, and “vignette videos,” which allow you to share your own video with the world.

YouTube vloggers also have a new platform called “vimeo,” which lets users record their videos.

In January, YouTube added a new vlog feature called “Vimeo in Real Time,” which allows users to watch videos at a faster clip and view them in real-time.

In February, YouTube launched “The Big Picture,” which gives users a view of all the videos they’ve made over the last year, along with a link to their video archive.

The Big Pictures feature was rolled out in March.

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