How Apple and the big tech companies are making the biggest difference in American politics

In an era of massive government surveillance and massive economic hardship, tech companies like Apple and Google have stepped up to take on a new role.

As the nation’s leaders grapple with the crisis, they have emerged as key voices on issues ranging from immigration and the economy to gun control and climate change.

Apple and Google are taking a leading role in shaping and shaping the policies of the two biggest technology companies in the country.

The companies have been instrumental in shaping the way people use their devices and software, helping to shape consumer choices in consumer products and software.

Apple has long worked closely with technology companies to make sure their products and services can be used by people in ways that comply with national and international laws.

In 2015, Apple and Microsoft agreed to pay $1 billion to settle charges that they had violated the Federal Trade Commission’s antitrust laws.

The commission said that Apple and other technology companies were unfairly favoring their own products over those of rival companies.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Satya Nadella, center, arrive for a news conference in Washington in January.

(Alex Brandon/AP) Apple has also helped create some of the most influential government programs that have helped spur innovation in the world’s fastest-growing technology sector.

“Apple and its employees have created and promoted a culture of innovation that is helping shape the future of computing,” Cook said in a statement.

Google’s leadership has also been a source of pride for many tech executives, as the company has played a role in helping the government understand how to use technology to protect the American public.

The tech giants have taken on a central role in the fight against climate change and are pushing back against accusations that they are helping corporations and governments fight it.

Apple has said it has taken action to help clean up emissions in its supply chain and has pledged to be a leader in the effort to combat climate change in the coming decades.

But for many Americans, Google’s role in politics is more than a personal accolade.

Apple is the largest tech company in the U.S., with revenues of more than $90 billion.

The company is also the dominant force in the search market.

Google is a member of the United Nations’ World Economic Forum and the U.,S.

Chamber of Commerce, which together represent more than 50,000 companies.

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, the Apple cofounder who left the company to found Apple.

Apple is also considered the leader in online shopping, with more than 3.4 million Apple stores and over 6,700 Apple products in stores nationwide.

The tech companies have also helped shape the public debate around guns and gun control.

Apple, for example, helped push for the 1994 assault weapons ban, which has been widely criticized as an assault on the Second Amendment.

The ban, enacted by the Clinton administration, took effect in 2004.

Earlier this year, the companies teamed up to develop the Android operating system that has been embraced by millions of users and adopted by nearly every major tech company.

The technology company said it is working with the Obama administration on legislation that would ban certain types of assault weapons.

Technology companies are also helping shape public debate about how to tackle climate change, and they have been outspoken critics of President Donald Trump, a Republican.

Trump has proposed a ban on all guns and other weapons that can be readily converted to deadly force, and his administration has suggested that the country’s energy needs will rise with the end of fossil fuel subsidies.

With its growing digital presence and rapid growth, Apple is a critical player in the digital space and is playing an increasingly important role in its own society, with many businesses turning to the company for help in dealing with digital issues.

Critics have also criticized the companies for being too willing to sell user data to government agencies, which they say is too easy to get.

Apple and Facebook have been criticized for being more willing to share user data with governments than Google, Google and Facebook.

They also have said they want to collect more personal information about users.

For decades, Apple has relied on technology to make products that are used in ways consumers don’t expect.

The tech giants, though, have taken a more hands-on approach in recent years.

The two companies have launched apps that allow users to make phone calls, share files, send emails, and stream music and video.

They also have created apps that help companies manage and monitor their customers, and help them track what is happening in their networks and how it affects their businesses.

Apple said in an investor presentation this week that its app store is now the second largest in the United States.

On the Democratic side, tech is becoming a hot topic as Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton faces an uphill battle in the general election.

A Democratic presidential campaign in 2020 is expected to be dominated by tech and its impact on the economy.

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