[LIVE] Kanakia Commercial Projects in 3D

Commercial projects in 3d have a long history in the game industry.

From creating a new type of weapon for a single-player game to creating a complex structure with multiple floors and tunnels, the art direction, animation and design of 3d games is a powerful tool for a game developer.

With this in mind, we’re happy to present the most popular commercial 3d projects in our database.


title [Live] [Commercial Projects] Commercial Projects: The Complete Collection article This is a collection of some of the most notable 3d commercial projects created in 2016.

From the first release of a mobile game to a massive architectural work for a massive film, commercial 3ds have been an integral part of the games industry for decades.

Whether it’s a new way of presenting a concept, or an entirely new design, we hope you’ll find something here for your project.

title [ Live ] [Commercial] [Project] [City] title [ LIVE ] [Projects ] [City | Commercial] [ City ] title [ Live] A new 3d rendering of the city of Paris.

title A look at the development of an architecture for a movie.

title An example of an architectural design for a film.

title Commercial 3ds work for movies.

title The most popular 3d 3d designs in our commercial database.

title 3D Commercial Projects | A collection of commercial 3D projects.

title Creating the new city of Tokyo.

title This 3d architectural concept is designed to showcase the city’s future, with its buildings in 3 dimensions.

title City of Tokyo (3D) 3D architectural concept.

title New 3D rendering of Tokyo’s metro system.

title Tokyo metro system in 3 dimensional form.

title Architectural rendering of Japan’s future metro system, designed to be fully interactive.

title Architecture for the city in 2020.

title Japan’s metro in 3-D.

title Japanese metro system concept for 2020.

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