How to get around Canada’s commercial balloon rules

It’s not clear what exactly is required for commercial balloon projects.

But according to a report from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the federal government needs to provide more information about balloon projects, including the costs, terms and conditions, and potential risks associated with balloon projects and the associated commercial activities.

According to the CCLA report, balloon projects are typically conducted under an agreement between a balloon company and a Canadian government agency.

Balloon projects may also be conducted in the name of an entity known as a “commercial advertisement entity,” which is sometimes referred to as a private company.

But that name is not necessarily the same as a commercial advertising entity and, according to the report, the commercial advertisement entity itself has little or no oversight over balloon projects or the activities carried out under them.

“The government should clarify that commercial advertisement entities are not private companies and should not be required to provide information about the projects they have conducted,” said CCLA chairwoman Jennifer Segarra.

She said the government should also provide the public with more information, including: whether the balloon project is subject to a commercial advertisement liability insurance policy that would cover balloon companies for any damages or losses caused by balloons carrying commercial advertising material; and, if so, whether the balloons carrying the commercial advertising materials have been tested and certified for compliance with the law.

The CCLA also recommended that the government provide more detailed information about what types of commercial advertising projects are being conducted in Canada, and what the risks associated are.

“The public has a right to know what the costs and risks are associated with these activities, including if there are other Canadians involved,” Segarras said.

“This is the kind of information we want from the government and from the balloon companies.

It should be made available in an easy-to-understand format.”

CBC News asked the Canadian Airports Authority for comment, but has not yet received a response.

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