When will it be completed?

Commercial cell project in western Perth will be completed by the end of this year, after nearly five years of construction.

Key points:The project will see two commercial cell towers installed at three different locations, providing access to Perth’s main CBD commercial areas, from the west of the city to the CBD north of the CBDThe project is one of the largest in the worldThe project has been in the works for a decade and is set to provide a major upgrade to the area around the iconic Perth Opera House, which was built by the city’s first Jewish community in 1889.

“It’s a major project, we’re very excited about it,” Perth-based Perth-area director of communications and communications services, Rob Hodge, told ABC Perth.

“We’re hoping to have it up and running by the middle of this month.”

Mr Hodge said the project, which is being built with $1.9 million from the city of Perth, would be “the largest commercial cell project anywhere in the country”.

The new towers would be used to provide access to a number of commercial districts, including the CBD’s western CBD and the city area north of Perth.

The project was approved by the WA Government in July this year.

Construction began in late 2012, with the first commercial tower, which will be located at 7 King Street, being installed in early 2017.

It was the first of two commercial towers that will be installed, and the second tower will be replaced by the first tower in early 2019.

The two towers will be used by a number, including an apartment building at 15 King Street and the Perth City Centre, which provides access to the city and is a major retail district.

The towers are expected to cost between $1 million and $1 billion, with $400,000 earmarked for the project.

Mr Hoda, who has worked for the Perth Opera house since 2012, said the towers were being built to provide greater commercial opportunities in the area.

“The idea behind the towers is to create opportunities for people to walk through the commercial district and shop and shop,” he said.

“You could get in the door for $100 and shop for $150 and then be able to pay for your own hotel, food and entertainment, and go to the Opera House.”‘

It’s very exciting’The project would not be complete before 2020, but Mr Hodge believes it is “very exciting” to see the project going ahead.

“I think the city is really looking forward to seeing it through, and I think they are going to be very pleased with the results,” he told ABC News.

“They’re really excited about what we’re going to achieve and what we are going as a company to achieve.”

Construction of the tower began in July 2014 and it was completed in April last year.

The new tower is expected to provide about 200,000 more square metres of retail space than the previous tower, but will also have a number “additional” retail outlets that will allow the city centre to expand its shopping mall, with further shops planned for the CBD, the inner west and the outer west.

“In our experience we see a lot of people coming through the CBD and they go out and do shopping, but we also see people who go out to the suburbs and they want to do shopping,” Mr Hoda said.

Mr Haek said the new towers were “very much an extension of what we do as a business”.

“They’ve given us an opportunity to do that, to have a retail outlet and a hotel and a shopping centre and have more space,” he added.

“That’s been a very positive thing for us, to be able expand the commercial area in Perth.”

Mr Haech said the city had been in talks with the Perth Power, WA’s electricity supply company, about a potential upgrade of the current cell towers, which had “no other commercial or residential use”.

“So we’ve been working with them to see what can be done to make that happen,” he explained.

“Hopefully that will happen by the time we get the towers up and in operation, which should be in early 2020.”

Mr Tabb said the Perth power utility was “absolutely committed” to the project and “will continue to work with us to ensure we get it up to date and up to the standards we expect”.

“The project we’ve put forward is very ambitious and will see a great improvement to the commercial corridor,” he noted.

“But we also want to make sure that we have the necessary facilities to accommodate this increase.”


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