The Government has made a commitment to improve the efficiency of commercial projects

The Government’s Commercial Projects Finance Corporation has made $2.4 billion available to improve efficiency of the commercial landscaper business, which has been plagued by corruption scandals, the Government has announced.

Key points:The Government will provide up to $2 billion to fund commercial landscapers’ projects in Queensland and VictoriaThe funds will be used to support projects in the state, and also the Commonwealth for future commercial projectsThe Government said it would also make investments in local and regional businessesThe announcement comes as the Government is under increasing pressure to deliver on a promise to cut costs to improve its commercial landscapaper business.

The Government announced earlier this month that it would make up to an additional $1.5 billion available over four years for commercial landscapping projects in both Queensland and the state.

“We have committed to improving the efficiency and profitability of the business and we are making a commitment that we will provide this funding to commercial landscaped projects in future years,” said Acting Minister for Commercial Projects and Infrastructure Michael Russell.

“The Government has also committed to make the investments in the business over the next four years.”

It’s a long-term commitment and we will deliver the projects that are best for the State, and it will give Queenslanders a better experience when they buy a landscaping product from us.

“The announcement is a response to the State Government’s previous promise to make up the shortfall in its Commercial Projects Fund, which had already been set aside $1 billion for the commercial gardener business.”

Our Government has been making this commitment since the beginning of the year and we have made a series of commitments, including investing $1 million into the commercial landscape market in Queensland,” Mr Russell said.”

So we are now committed to making up the gap to ensure the business is run efficiently and we can continue to deliver for the people of Queensland.

“The Government says it will be using $2 million from the fund to improve operations and staff efficiency.”

Mr Russell said the Government would provide up-front funding for commercial gardenders, but also provide additional funding in the future.””

This will help ensure that we can deliver on our commitment to cut wasteful spending and invest in business-led growth, while protecting our commercial garders.”

Mr Russell said the Government would provide up-front funding for commercial gardenders, but also provide additional funding in the future.

“While we are committed to reducing waste and waste management costs, we recognise that the State is in a very difficult position, with over $500 million in waste management cost overruns and over $100 million in infrastructure and waste recovery cost overrun issues,” he said.

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