What you need to know about Kanakia, an innovative commercial project in India

The idea behind Kanakia is to turn the commercial space into a hub for a number of startups and enterprises in the country, a project which is being developed by two individuals who also happen to be entrepreneurs.

The startup was conceived by Kanakia’s founders in 2015.

It’s a venture which allows for an open platform for businesses to start and grow their businesses in a manner similar to what is happening in Silicon Valley.

“The space we’re creating is going to be a hub where entrepreneurs and startups can do their business in the open.

That’s the key to Kanakia,” said Sanjay Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Kanakia.

“We are also creating a platform where we can provide an ecosystem to help companies and entrepreneurs develop their ideas and ideas get adopted by the business community.”

The concept of Kanaya was first articulated in 2015 by Sharma and three others, including co-founders Ravi Shastri and Nandini Raghavan, who were part of the startup incubator Techstars, but it was not until May 2016 that it was officially launched.

The first two months of the year saw Kanakia launching projects like a hotel, a retail store and a restaurant in the space.

The third project, an educational institution, is slated to launch in the coming months.

The two founders, who have two sons with dual citizenship in India and the UK, are working to make Kanakia a reality.

“We are not just building this space for entrepreneurs, we are building this for everyone,” said Sharma.

“For example, if you are a student, you can come here and work in this space.

We will help you to get a job, and we will also give you a platform for mentorship.

The students who come here can come in and work with us in the business space and have a better knowledge about the market and our products.”

In addition to the two founders working on Kanakia and the incubator, Kanakia also has its own team of 10 people who are working on the space as well as the management of the space and its infrastructure.

It has set up a team to oversee the incubation and marketing process, and to support the entrepreneurs.

“Our incubator will be a place where we will provide incubation for the startups, and the businesses that come here,” said Shastiran.

“This will help them to get started in their own spaces.”

The space will also be open to anyone who wants to create their own business in it, but the company is not yet opening up to non-profit organisations.

“For the first time in the world, we can open up our space to all of the entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs,” said Raghavans co-Founder and CEO.

“In other countries, they can only open up to a limited number of businesses and this is something we have decided not to do.

For example, in Australia, we only allowed the number of companies in our space at 10,000.””

It’s also something that we will continue to grow and grow in the future.

We have been trying to grow this space as much as possible, but there is no one else that is doing it in the same way,” said Dr Shastiri.

“So we are working with the entrepreneurs to find more partners to help them grow the space.”

The founders hope that this will give them the confidence to build on the success of Kanya, and hope that it will give a boost to other startups in the region.

“I feel it will be an important catalyst for entrepreneurs in India,” said Kanakia co-owner and CEO, Ashok Chavan.

“The incubator is going into the market, so I feel that it is going in the right direction.”

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