When is a project commercial?

When it comes to commercial projects, India’s big and small companies have always been in lockstep.

While a lot of the big names such as BHP Billiton and Adani Enterprises, and a number of smaller ones such as Reliance Industries and Bharat Forge Industries, have been involved in projects worth millions of dollars, the bigger players are largely holding their own.

This is partly due to the fact that big corporates are in a better position to finance and deliver projects.

However, the reality is that the big players have to be more creative when it comes down to the commercial side. 

Read moreThe recent commercial failure of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is a good example of how things can go wrong in the early stages of commercial ventures.

After launching a satellite for the Indian Meteorological Satellite Programme (IMPS), ISRO cancelled the deal due to a lack of funding.

The agency was then forced to renegotiate the terms of the deal.

The deal was a good one for both the parties.

But when it came to the project itself, the ISRO failed to produce a commercial product.

This led to the agency’s biggest ever budget cut.

The agency’s decision to scrap the launch contract was also a blow to the ISROP programme.

According to the Indian Ministry of Space Research and Technology, a project with a commercial value will require at least 50% of the budget for the project to be allocated to the entire ISRO team, and 60% of that to the launch agency.

The ISRO’s own budget for its ISRO mission, however, was Rs 1,937 crore.

So, ISRO did not have any spare money to spend on the project.

The problem, of course, is that commercial ventures are inherently risky.

In fact, the commercial space industry is still in its infancy and the risk is huge.

However a lot has changed since the last time a successful commercial launch was a commercial success.

A decade ago, ISROV’s successful launches would have been seen as a big win for the agency.

But the ISRI has since lost the trust of the government, with the Prime Minister blaming the agency for its poor performance.

The country has also been dealing with the issues of space debris, which is a problem that is not new to the space programme.

A number of satellites that have been damaged by space debris have fallen into the wrong hands, leading to delays in getting the satellites back to orbit.

The recent incident of a debris spotted on the moon in December 2016 is yet another case of a spacecraft that was damaged due to space debris.

There have also been incidents of spacecraft falling into the ocean.

The debris is not the only problem, either.

The satellite is also carrying a payload that was not in a position to get back into orbit.

This could have led to a loss of the satellite and also affected the orbit of the spacecraft.

The Indian Space Science Organisation (Isro) is also in the process of cleaning up debris that has fallen into orbit, but so far, it has only managed to clean up the most valuable pieces.

The last major commercial failure for ISRO was in 2015, when the agency cancelled a commercial launch contract due to insufficient funding.

There was also the case of the ISRAE mission, where the launch failed due to issues with the launch vehicle.

However in both cases, the launch was managed to go ahead.

In 2017, India was also dealing with a series of commercial failure that took place with the ISME-3 mission, a rocket that had to be re-launched after a failed launch attempt.

This was due to difficulties with the vehicle’s propellant system.

The failure of this mission was not the first time that ISRO has failed a commercial satellite launch.

Earlier, in 2017, the Indian space agency had cancelled the launch of the country’s first satellite, and its second satellite, after problems with the rocket’s rocket motor.

Both the satellites, however had successfully launched.

This is not to say that there are no commercial opportunities in the space sector.

There are plenty of big names who are doing commercial space activities, such as Arianespace, which has launched satellites for more than a dozen countries and is one of the largest space companies in the world.

However there are also a number smaller companies, such the ISHI Space and Electronics, which launched just one commercial satellite in 2017.

However for all these, it will take more than 50% budget to finance a successful launch.

The last commercial success for ISROC was in December 2017, when it cancelled the contract of a company that was planning to launch a satellite.

The company, KVSS Agencies, had put up a bid for a launch with an ISRO-built rocket.

However the bid was unsuccessful.

The government has also promised to set up a National Space Agency.

This will bring an end to the delays in commercial launches.

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