A new ‘commercial architecture’ project in Gujarat’s Surat is set to be named ’emaar’

By NIGEL MARIANA and SHABEER MAJUMIThe first commercial project in India, ’emasar’ is one of two ‘commercial’ projects in Gujarat that will be named after the country’s first female architect.

The first, in the state capital of Ahmedabad, is an apartment building that will have an area of 1,600 sq. meters and will be called ‘Emasar’.

The second, in a more remote location in Surat, will be dubbed ‘Malaar’.

Malaari is being constructed with the help of a partnership between the state government and a private firm.

It will feature an eco-friendly design, sustainable building and will include 1,700 square meters of office space, a community garden and an area for the public to gather, the Gujarat High Court ruled on Monday.

The Supreme Court said that while the project has been granted permission for construction, it has to go through the environmental impact assessment process, as well as the necessary regulatory approvals and environmental clearance. 

“The government is required to make public notice on the project, to be followed by the construction companies, and also to ensure that no illegal activity occurs in the project,” said Justice Harshad Jha.

The court has directed the Gujarat government to file a petition with the court for protection of environmental sanctuaries and the environment in the region. 

The Supreme court’s decision was welcomed by the city of Ahmedpur, which is planning to construct a large office building that could house more than 100 employees. 

It said that although the building will be constructed in a different part of the city, it will be built in the city centre and the project will be completed by the end of 2019. 

 “This project will give a unique perspective on the development of the country, said Ahmedpur Mayor Ajoy Shah. 

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