Why is India so backward on climate change?

With the Paris Agreement expected to be ratified next month, it is imperative to understand why India’s climate change legacy is so far behind the global average.

The nation is currently one of the least energy efficient in the world and it is not just the country’s air quality that has improved over the last few years.

Its energy consumption has increased at an alarming rate, rising at an exponential rate, and India has the highest number of air pollution alerts, with almost half of the nation’s 5.4 million homes being at risk of pollution.

Despite India’s attempts to reform its energy system, it remains one of its most polluting countries.

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) is set to rule on whether the country is a “low carbon economy” and if so, whether it has a duty to act.

India’s Green Revolution has been credited with reducing the countrys carbon emissions by 50 per cent by 2030.

The tribunal is expected to declare the country a “green economy” under the Clean Air Act and therefore, it will be required to develop a carbon tax, set by the government.

This will require a number of measures to be put in place, including reducing emissions.

This would be in line with the recommendations of the National Climate Change Policy Framework, which was launched by the United Nations Climate Change Commission in December last year.

The government has already implemented several measures to combat air pollution, including banning smoking, increasing public awareness, and providing cleaner public transport.

However, this is only the first step towards the government’s ambitious climate change agenda.

The Government is planning to set up a new ministry for energy and environment, to ensure a more inclusive energy policy for India.

This would involve introducing a carbon price, which would be applied across the country, and also create a ministry for urban and rural development.

The new government is also expected to introduce a carbon cap-and-trade scheme, which will make it mandatory for businesses to limit their emissions by 30 per cent and increase the efficiency of their operations.

These policies would be a step in the right direction for India, which has a large share of the worlds largest coal-fired power plants.

It is also a step towards tackling air pollution as the country has more than one million air quality alerts a day.

India has the third highest number and second largest emissions of CO2 in the World, after China and the US.

It has the fourth largest emissions on the planet, with a cumulative emission of almost 7,600,000 tonnes.

According to a recent study by Greenpeace, India’s air pollution is a huge concern for its citizens.

India ranks at the very bottom of the ranking of countries with the highest average annual levels of PM2.5, particulate matter which is smaller than 10 microns.

The country’s PM2 index, which measures the number of particles in a certain area per cubic metre of air, has reached 6.7.

This is significantly higher than the global standard of 3.5.

This pollution is linked to a number one killer, asthma, and it has been linked to the increase in the incidence of the coronavirus.

In the country where one in four deaths are due to respiratory diseases, India is not the first country to come out with plans to tackle air pollution.

In 2016, the US and Australia led the world in reducing PM2 levels, and in 2019, France was also the first to adopt a cap- and-trade system.

In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued an air pollution warning for India to be in compliance with the 2030 Paris Agreement.

The country is expected, however, to be one of only two nations that are not yet on the list of nations to be a “high” country on the Index.

In a recent interview, NGT chairperson Justice S.V.S. Singh said the country needs to take a “new, progressive approach” to tackling the country s air pollution and climate change.

“The country is moving forward on a progressive and forward-looking trajectory.

We are on a trajectory that has been set.

We need to take the necessary steps and we need to act in a way that is in line of the recommendations that are being given by the tribunal.

We also need to address the issue of climate change, as we are not only an important contributor to the climate change process but also we are the one who is responsible for it.”

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